News Letter – September 2023

Dear Client

As per our previous newsletter, we have communicated that we are going to start looking at all our clients’ Google Maps Listings. Thanks to all our clients that accepted this important service. It is beneficial for your business’ digital footprints, and your Google SEO quality score. We understand that some clients did not want to take this service. We respect your decision. If at a later point you have a change of heart, please feel free to let us know. We would love to assist you.

What is the big idea?

We want to start implementing these kinds of checks on a yearly basis for all our monthly website maintenance clients. Think of it as sort of “House Cleaning” for your digital footprint.

Like all good things we are working to make this process as easy as possible for our clients.

Because there is a lot that needs to happen, we will be taking it all in steps.

Step 1. We asked our clients if we can do an update check on their Google Maps.
(This part is done and dusted)

Step 2. MMW is going to send a form with all the possible fields that is available on Google Maps. You only have to complete the fields that you find applicable. We will also send you a video, showing the steps of the form if you need a bit of help.

Step 3. If MMW doesn’t have admin access to make changes on your Google Map listing, we will send you a video showing how you can give us access.

Step 4. MMW will compare your answers from the form to the current info on Google Maps and make sure everything is correct and up to date.

Step 5. We want to assist you in using your Google Maps Reviews. Specifically, by helping request reviews from your clients. We will do this with an image that we will design for your business.

Step 6. MMW is going to make a video to show you how to use your review image, combined with a link that takes clients directly to your Google Maps Review page. This is so that you can share it via WhatsApp with your clients. We will also include suggestions on where to use this review request image in other areas to drive client to leave you a review.

Step 7. Now you will have to monitor and react to clients’ reviews. This can easily be done via your phone’s Gmail. If your Google Maps is linked to the Gmail that you used to setup your Play Store account (The one that was used to download your WhatsApp). MMW will assist you to make sure you understand this process by explaining with an instructional video.

Step 8. How do you handle a bad review or an angry client? We will explain the concept on how to handle a bad review or an angry client to benefit your business. Remember, you can always reach out to MMW if you get into a sticky situation or feel unsure on how to deal with a negative review.

Step 9. MMW will remind you on a regular basis to check your reviews and react to them.

Step 10. MMW wants to ‘rinse and repeat’ the update process again at the end of 2024.

Yes this is a big process, and we are here to help you every step of the way. It is important that your Google Maps stays up to date so that future clients can find you and see that you are active in your business. It is also very important to ask for reviews from your clients and to respond to these reviews.
It helps with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and quality score on Google maps.

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