Facebook Ads Per Campaign Setup

Once Off Setup Fee = For One Campaign

Facebook Marketing are image driven feeds of your services to potential clients while browsing Facebook. This is brilliant for brand and service awareness.

Facebook Business Page marketing comprise of the following:
A Pixel needs to be configured and installed on website landing page on the website that will capture a specific event or action.  Different events and actions are captured by the Pixel that is used in the ad filters and plays a big part in delivering the ad to potential clients that are interested in your serves.

An ad is designed with the specific event or action in mind. Combined with the graphic and ad text the ad is setup to target potential clients with a “call to action”, triggering the potential client to react to do what is asked.

The same Pixel can be reused in different ads graphics. If the “call to action” triggering the potential client to react to do what is asked.  Example a “Message Us” form.

A larger target specific audiences are exposed to your services and this will result in gaining more leads and/or awareness for optimal results.

Setup Facebook Ads per campaign includes:

  • Landing page with action.
  • Pixel installation, configuration and setup.
  • Action Menu.
  • Ads.
  • Lots of technical things that we will take care of.
  • Important things to know, CLIENTS WILL FIND YOU ON FCAEBOOK SEARCH

There are a lot of things that happens in the back end that is technical. We will take care of all of that for you.

There are 2 more aspects that you need to keep in mind that involves cost regarding Facebook Ads

  1. Facebook Ads Monthly Management (Per Month)
  2. Facebook Ads Budget (Per Month)


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