Google Adwords Per Campaign Setup

Once Off Setup Fee = For One Campaign

Google Adwords are keyword driven searching of your services, where clients use text searches on google to find what they are looking for.

Google Adwords campaign setup comprise the following:
An ‘Ad Group’ with variations of ads are created, in conjunction with a list of compiled selected keywords, which can be searched on the Google search engine. This ‘Ad Group’ will link to a specific page on your website with an action that prompts a client to complete an action. Example: buy a product, complete a form or brows your website services.

Setup Google Adwords per campaign includes:

  • Landing page with action.
  • Conversion capturing.
  • Ad group with ads.
  • Assets.
  • Lots of technical things that we will take care of.
  • Important things to know, CLIENTS WILL FIND YOU ON GOOGLE SEARCH

There are a lot of things that happens in the backend that is technical. We will take care of all of that for you.

There are 2 more aspects that you need to keep in mind that involves cost regarding Google Adwords

  1. Google Adwords Monthly Management (Per Month)
  2. Adword budget (Per Month)


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