Website Maintenance 1 Hour Per Month

Per Month
Support Need + Time = Maintenance 

ManageMyWebsite specialize in Websites Maintenance.
Depending on how much support and time you need will, determines the amount of time you buy for maintenance.

What is Websites Maintenance?

In short: We remind you that your digital footprint needs to be looked after and we do the grunt work of it for you.

Anyone can cut their own lawn and do gardening work. Do you really want to cut grass on your off day?
ManageMyWebsite will take care of that admin for you regarding this, so that you can focus on your business.

Website Maintenance can include:

  • Website content updates;
  • Editing of existing content;
  • Adding of additional content;
  • Editing or adding of pages;
  • Editing or adding of menus;
  • Editing or adding of images;
  • Updates to calendar or events;
  • Add “breaking news” or “upcoming events”;
  • Add photos, graphics, graphs and charts;
  • Basic SEO on all content;
  • Text re-writes and improvements;
  • Updates to Facebook page with your regular posts from the website.
  • Submission to Google Maps;
    Adding of business info to Google Maps;
    Upload of photos to Google Maps;
    Upload of videos to Google Maps;
  • Ongoing security updates on a weekly basis;
  • Latest updates on plug-ins.
  • And much more…

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