R265,65 per Month

Hosting Basic 2GB(SA) + 1 Domain(.co.za)

Basic Hosting + 1 Domain(.co.za) = Per Month

Our Basic package is suitable for a hosting a park page on your  domain and serving a couple of email addresses.

Mailboxes accessible with Outlook, mobile phones and tablets
Webmail (email in web browser)
This service is hosted in the Hetzner data center in Cape Town, South Africa.
Manage your services with a user-friendly cPanel web-based control panel

  • 2.0 GB Disk space for park page, databases, and mailboxes
  • 20 GB Monthly bandwidth
Account Access
  • yes cPanel control panel
  • 1 FTP users
  • yes FTP over TLS (secure FTP)
  • yes SSH File Transfer
  • yes Downloadable backups
  • yes Weekly off-server backups
  • 25 POP/IMAP mailboxes
  • unlimited Email forwarders
  • yes Email autoresponders
  • yes SpamAssissin spam filter
  • yes Anti-virus filter
  • yes IMAP support for smartphones and tablets
  • yes Webmail (email in web browser)
  • Park page on main domain
  • 10 Parked domains
  • yes TSL/SSL certificate
  • yes PHP support
  • yes AWStats website statistics
  • 0 MS SQL Server Express databases
  • 0 MySQL databases



Please Note: Hosting requires a domain to work

  • Do you have a domain?
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  • Please Note: We will need to transfer your domain (free of charge) to our server to ensure highest quality service for you.
    We will be in contact regarding the transfer of domain *

Select a domain name:

Please Note: Domain names are subject to availability, therefore we will contact you should your chosen domain name be unavailable.

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    The domain is the address of the website such as:
    "Google".com or "ManageMyWebsite".co.za

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