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Website Size:

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    Standard Website Design-1 Page R4250,40
    Standard Website Design-5 Pages R8513,45
    Standard Website Design-10 Pages R14674,00


A website needs a domain so let's get you one for your website:
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Domains are Subject to availability, so we will contact you if your domain is unavailable

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    The domain is the address of the website such as:
    "Google".com or "ManageMyWebsite"

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  • Hosting is the space your website takes up on the internet. *

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    We have our own private hosting server which allows us to have very high quality security for our websites as well as being able to ensure your website will run as fast and smoothly as possible.

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    Hosting Basic 2GB(SA) R189,75 per Month
    Hosting Advanced 5GB(SA) R290,95 per Month
    Hosting Premium 10GB(SA) R556,60 per Month


Elementor Pro Website Builder License

  • To ensure maximum uptime for your website we ONLY Work With Paid Software
    Therefore: We include an Elementor Pro Website Builder License in your monthly fees *

  • To ensure you understand the reason for the Elementor Pro Website Builder License please select it below *

    Elementor License R126,50 per Month


  • Monthly Maintenance is what keeps your site up to date and ensures it keeps running smoothly *

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    Website Maintenance 1 Hour Per Month R948,75
    Website Maintenance 2 Hours Per Month R1872,20
    Website Maintenance 3 Hours Per Month R2783,00
    Website Maintenance 4 Hours Per Month R3643,20
    Website Maintenance 5 Hours Per Month R4490,75

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