News Letter-November 2023

Dear Client,

We are in November and the festive season is around the corner. I believe we are all looking forward spending time with our families this December holidays.
Please note that our office will be closed from 20 December 2023 until
5 January 2024 and our office will be open again on Monday 8 January 2024
. For any urgent matter please contact Petra on 082 550 3419.

We received your closing dates for the festive season and we are busy loading it to your website. We will remove them again in the new year. If there are any updates for your website for December we kindly request that you send all your updates to us on or before 8 December 2023.

Communication regarding incoming work

Your Business updates and adverts for your website is very important to us and we are working to improve our communications with you so that your updates can be done as soon as possible. We do have a three day turnaround time for incoming work, and therefore we need you to send that information directly to the MMW team.

We have set up the WhatsApp groups so that our MMW team can receive your requests and It can then fall in the que as soon as we receive it.
If you wish to send us an email regarding your request, please use the following email address so that your request can come directly to our MMW team:

Petra has meetings with clients during the day and if you send your request to Petra, our team doesn’t know about it until she meets with them again in the office.

To ensure that we receive your request as soon as you have sent it, please use the Whatsapp groep or the Email address:
For any urgent matter you can still contact Petra on 082 550 3419.

Registering for TAX in 2024

ManageMyWebsite must register for TAX in 2024 and with this big move in the Company there are some important procedures that we must implemented that will help us with this proses.

We are implementing a debit order system for our clients that does not make their monthly payments on time every month. We will be in contact with you regarding this matter.

The Debit order system is open to all our clients and If you find that this is a convenient option for you to make sure that all your payments are paid on time, we can setup the debit order for you.
Please contact us if you are interested.

Thank you,

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