News Letter – March 2023

Manage My Website _ Growth in our Business Newsletter March 2023

Growth in our Business

Through the years ManageMyWebsite has grown a lot and with that, new hands were required to provide our clients with the crucial marketing services that are needed for your Business.

Greg, Lisinda and Garion joined our team.

As a dedicated team, ManageMyWebsite’s aim is to focus on assisting you with all your marketing needs.

Technology is an ever-changing field. To stay relevant, we have to stay up to date and current. This is also a big challenge because, to offer a stable service, we choose to use paid software and service providers over the free alternatives.

Free options lead to unreliable support and high downtime. With PHP- 7’s end of life, our team had the daunting task of transferring all our monthly clients over to PHP-8 and on a new paid and frequently updated software.

Manage My Website _ Growth in our Business Newsletter March 2023

Thank you for being part of the growing process in our business.

We are exited about the way forward and seeing your business grow.

“Your Business is our passion!”

Marketing is being consistent with your digital footprint.

Reminding clients on a regular basis:
this is who you are + what do you have to offer + how to get a hold of you
= making it easy to find you when they do need you.

We have a

We know our clients and know which of you are better on E-mail and which are better on WhatsApp. For our WhatsApp users we will create a WhatsApp connect group with you and our team, to make communication and info sharing easier.

  1. Once per month, one of our team members will take a product or service from your website. (Each month this will rotate)
  2. They will create a complementing graphic for the product or service.
  3. They will focus on specific keywords that Google loves about the product or service they took from your website this month. 
  4. They will upload the graphic on your website so that we can create the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website’s organic listing in searches.
  5. They will also upload it to your social platforms that we have access to.
  6. They will then upload it to your Google Maps (if we have access to it) as updates.
  7. We will send that same info to you via the WhatsApp connect group, OR email, so that you can distribute it to your clients via your own communication channels. (Please also continue sending monthly updates that you want posted.)
  8. We WILL REMIND YOU to upload the info to your WhatsApp status so that more potential clients can see it.
  9. We will ALSO REMIND YOU to check your Google Maps Reviews and to request clients to give you reviews.
  10. For those of you that have a Newsletter subscription, we will also include that info in your latest Newsletter, as per our normal sign-off process.
  11. NOTE: Your AdWords Campaigns’ Stats will still be sent, however your Website Stats will only be sent upon request.

Necessary Adjustment

Over the last few years, the country has experienced rising inflation which has been exacerbated by ongoing load shedding and the weakening of the Rand.

It is important to note that we have kept our prices low for many years now and have attempted to keep our price adjustments to a minimum.

We are no longer able to absorb all the increases. With inflation and supplier increases, we therefore need to increase our prices by 16% percent.

We know it is a significant increase, as such we have decided to split it as follows:

  •  an 8% increase at the end of March 2023 (Note: The R10 increase that has already been charged forms part of
  • the 8%), and
    another 8% increase at the end of September 2023.

We also need to inform you that we will be charging VAT as of 2024 on-wards, and therefore this increase is necessary to prepare for this big change.

Manage My Website _ Growth in our Business Newsletter March 2023

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