News Letter – June 2023

Dear Client

June is all about flue and keeping warm. In between we get to celebrate all those wonderful dads and husbands in our lives. We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Fathers Day.

We are pleased to announce that PHP 8.2 is now available and the software has been updated on your website. As such the support of PHP 8.0 will be ending.

At Manage My Website we are updating and maintaining your website

Exciting News

Lisinda has an amazing trip coming up. She is going to visit family in the Netherlands.

We wish her a safe trip and to enjoy spending time with her family.

With that said, we are one team member down while Lisinda is away. Garion and myself will work on all our clients in the meantime.

Please be patient with us and know that we will assist you as soon as possible.

we appreciate your understanding in this regard.

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