January 2024

|Debit Order System
We offer a debiting orders system as a payment option that will run on the first of
every month. As mentioned before Manage My Website(registered as Ahlers Investments PTY) will
charge VAT from March 2024. This update will reflect on the invoices when the time comes.
We need to know:

  • Would like to change your payment method?
  • Do we have your Vat Info on our invoice?

|Dear Client

In any business it is important to do housekeeping. With your Digital Footprint it is necessary to do what we call “Digital Housekeeping”. With this process we go through your Digital Footprint and do a II the necessary cleanup, updates and changes to ensure your everything is up to date. 4 out of the 12 months we want to do this. We will let you know when this will take place. The first month that we will start with this process is in April. We will keep you up to date, when we do this “Digital Housekeeping”. The normal monthly. Advertisement will not be done in these months.

Please send a email to Accounts@ManageMyWebsite.co.za indicating that you would like to change your payment method.

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