New Letter February 2024



| Dear Client,

As per our January newsletter we informed you of the “Digital Housekeeping” that we are doing for the month of April.

There will be a March advert that will go out in the first week of March. Please note that there will not be an adverts for April.

We will go through your Digital Footprint and do all the necessary cleanup, updates and changes to ensure your everything is up to date.

Any updates that you request and need on your website will still be attended to as it comes into the queue.

inbox for incoming work

Your Business updates and adverts for your website is very important to us and we are working to improve our communications with you so that your updates can be done as soon as possible. We do have a three working day turnaround time for incoming work, and therefore we need you to send that information directly to the MMW Team.

We have set up the WhatsApp groups so that MMW team can receive your requests and It can then fall in the que as soon as we receive it.
If you wish to send us an email regarding your request, please use the following email address so that your request can come directly to our MMW team:

For any urgent matter you can still contact Petra.
Please note that we have to register for VAT in March 2024.
This update will reflect on the invoices when the time comes.

Greatings from
ManageMyWebsite Team

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