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Website Domain

Your domain tells a lot about your business

Here are some pointers in choosing a domain:

The TLD – Top Level Domain is the .com, .org, .co.za, .co.uk etc. part of the domain. This immediately tells people in which country you are operating. Here are a few examples of TLD’s: .com is for Commercial use and any person or entity is permitted to register a .com domain. .org is for a primarily used by non-profit organization. .net is for networks, the idea was that the distributed network or “umbrella” sites that act as the portal to a set of smaller websites. .gov is for governmental entities and agencies. .co.za is so show you are a South African company with a South African website.

The cost is also determined by the TLD that you choose.
The main part of the domain normally is you company name. If at all possible it is important to choose a domain that tells people exactly what your website is about. For example if you have a domain that is JohnDoePhotograpy.co.za. It immediately tells potential clients that you are John Doe and you are a photographer.
It is also very important to choose a domain that is easy to spell.

Pick something memorable.
Something that is still very new are Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD). This is generic terms that is used as a TLD for example .photography, so if you register the domain johndoe.photography it immediately tells people what your line of business is in. There are only a few of these domains at the moment but many more will still come.

In Manage My Website monthly maintenance packages we include one domain for FREE.

We also allow our maintenance clients to park as many extra domains as YOU like WITH NO extra charges. Just one of the many ways we at Manage My Website goes that EXTRA MILE for our clients. Choosing the right domain for your website is very important.

Hosting is the space that you need in order to have a website, this is where all your “stuff/content” is stored. The domain is the address that brings people to your website.

Without a domain they will never find your website.


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