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Website Design

Manage My Website offers website design that incorporates your business identity.

It will create a look and feel for your website that will embody the mission and vision of your company or idea. If you don’t already have a business identity we will assist you in finding one. We have assisted many of our clients to find corporate identity. Website design can easily be summed up as ‘the look and feel of your website’ However, website design has more to it than just meets the eye.

A wireframe should be considered. Website design wireframe show the flow of a website. The wireframe is the flow of information that you want to make available to potential clients. Is there any information that you want to emphasise on your website? Is there a ‘call to action’ such as “Buy NOW!!” or “order today” that you want your clients to act on? Or maybe you would want to give it a sense of urgency by saying something like “click here and the first 10 people to respond gets a free song download”.

Website design needs to look at the whole of your website content and display it in the most effective way. It isn’t just about putting information on the internet. It needs to be appealing to potential customers that may want to read and see more on your website. Technical aspects of the website design should also come into play when the layout of the website is chosen.
Questions like these should be answered in the website design:
“What is the first thing you want your clients to see on the website?” Your logo A Sales offer Your vision a mission or A contact form“What kind of website should it be?” This is who you as accompany are and this is what you have to offer. A shopping cart. A one pager which just gives basic information.“Do you want people to do something on the website?” Buy something? Download files? Complete a form? Get your contact information so they can call you?

With your input we will assist you in your website design that will showcase your business to its best and full potential.


Manage My Website offers 3 website developing packages.
All packages are negotiable.


R6 000

— 5 Pages
— 2 Mailboxes
— 2 GB Bandwidth
— 2 GB Storage
— Daily Mail Backups

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R10 000

— 10 Pages
— 5 Mailboxes
— 10 GB Bandwidth
— 10 GB Storage
— Daily Mail Backups

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R15 000

— Unlimited Pages
— 10 Mailboxes
— 15 GB Bandwidth
— 20 GB Storage
— Daily Mail Backups

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