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Security on websites is very important.

So many websites get hacked or defaced and the big question is "Why?" and the most common answer is ‘just because they can.’ Hacking a website is like painting graffiti on suburban walls. It gives the person doing the hacking ‘brag rights.’Security on websites.

There is another reason that has more vindictive reasons why sites get hacked and that is to use your domain to send spam or phishing attempts so that it can’t be traced back to you. Some technical hacks are too difficult to explain but the main point is that your website needs to be protected against them. Joomla hacked websites and WordPress hacked websites are very common. The reason being that it is a very popular CMS (content management system) but should not be a reason to be afraid to use CMS websites. They are very powerful and easy to use. The important aspect about CMS websites are that they come with search engine optimisation by default.

What is the use of a website if your clients can’t find you on the search engines? Because Joomla and WordPress are so popular they are targeted, the workings of the CMS are available to the hackers. The security of the servers on which websites are hosted also plays an important role. The server that hosts your website can also be a soft spot that allows hackers to get into your website.

So it doesn’t help if you only close and lock the front door on your website. You should remember to look at the backdoor as well. The security on your website can be affected by something as simple as doing regular updates on the software on your websites. If your website is managed by us we make sure that your website software is always up to date and the software that we host our websites on is running the latest updates. We take security very serious.

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