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Google Adwords allows you to decide how much and how often you want to spend on advertising.

The brilliant thing about Google Adwords is that you get immediate results on your investment. The reason is that your ad comes up on searched keywords or terms by an already searching prospective client. Drawing a potential client to your website and to show him what you want him to see increases the possibility that such a client will click on your ad if it is enticing enough by 100%. Manage My Website has assisted many of its clients by getting instant results with Google Adwords.


 The technical part of Google Adwords and the setup of it is what Manage My Website will take care of on your behalf. But just to give you an idea of what it entails this is what needs to happen: A campaign is launched where different ad groups are compiled consisting of several ads and each such ad has its own keywords. Each ad needs to link to its own relevant landing page on your website that will ‘close the deal’ on what you want the ad to achieve. Google identifies certain factors in your whole campaign which is being scored. This score is called the quality score and can influence how Google treats your ad. The monitoring of the Google Adword budget and keyword performance should be done on a regular basis. Our Google Adwords maintenance includes: Google Adwords will be managed on a regular basis; Ad Group(s) will be compiled and set up; Keywords will be selected and managed; Articles will be optimised and Google Analytics will be configured and set up for monthly reporting. Set up fee per campaign. The Google Adwords budget is not included and should periodically be determined by the client. (Manage My Website recommends a minimum of R1000 to be topped up from time to time as and when required.) A management fee of 10% will be charged on the Adword budget. Bonus offer If Manage My Website has designed your website and you have a monthly maintenance contract for a year with us, the set-up fee on your first campaign will be waved.


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